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Worker’s compensation insurance provided by Workcover Queensland is the accident insurance company that covers work-related injuries in Queensland and pays out compensation for people who are injured at work. Workplace injuries are not limited to accidents that cause physical injury, but include psychological harm as well. Psychiatric or psychological injuries (PPI) are mental health conditions that are covered by Workcover as long as they were caused by something that happened while you were at work.  

A psychological injury can severely impact your life at work and at home with your family and friends. It is important that you speak to your doctor or an E&A psychologist if you feel that you have suffered a psychological injury at work. 

At E&A, our highly skilled and professional psychologists are registered providers with Workcover on the Sunshine Coast. Wecan help you with your work-related psychological injury and improve your health and wellbeing through psychological therapies and holistic care. This will help you stay in your job or return to work after time off successfully and hopefully, stress-free. Call us on (07) 5479 3538 (Maroochydore) or (07) 5438 9177 (Caloundra) or use our online booking form to make an appointment and speak to one of our support team who are there to help you. 


At E&A, we are a group of compassionate psychologists who genuinely want to help you create change. Our two convenient locations are central Maroochydore and the Caloundra health precinct. Our aim is to see you find your best life, great relationships and goals that excite you. 

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