Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain


Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain is life altering.

Are you suffering from chronic illness or experiencing persistent pain? Ongoing illness and pain is frustrating, demoralising and stressful. For most of our chronic pain clients, work life and interpersonal relationships are negatively affected and there is a real sense of loss or even grief over a loss of identity due to pain and illness.

There is no “magic cure” for chronic illness and pain with psychology, but at E&A we have a number of psychologists who have particular insight into the challenges you face when wanting to enhance your quality of life despite living with chronic illness and pain. Our chronic pain psychologists provide evidence based chronic pain treatment that is centered on your goals. Together we can take steps toward addressing some of the pain itself as well as the knock-on emotional effects such as depression, anxiety and coping with your new normal. Not ready to accept a new normal? That’s ok, we can work on that. Contact us today to book an appointment with a chronic pain psychologist at E&A.


Why should I visit an E&A pain psychologist?

 There is a loss of identity when struggling with chronic pain. It can be traumatic and you should find the time to explore the emotional pain and your new identity without judgment.

You need evidence based strategies to help you become mentally strong to cope with long lasting illness and pain.

A psychologist is a great support person.

Chronic muscle tension from stress can exacerbate pain and illness so strategies to decrease stress is important.

Negative thoughts and judgments about your pain is unhelpful and fuels anxiety and depression

There may be grief relating to family, work and financial planning restrictions.


Are you researching chronic pain psychologists on the Sunshine Coast for your loved one? If you are the partner of someone suffering from chronic illness and pain, we encourage you also to consider seeking support from a psychologist. Chronic pain does not only affect your partner experiencing pain, it changes the direction of your life as well as your everyday routines.


Why should a partner of someone with chronic pain visit an E&A psychologist?

 There can be feelings of disappointment and loss when your partner is changed by chronic illness and pain.

It can feel as though you share your partner with a third person (the pain) who takes your partner’s energy and attention.

You may experience guilt when you enjoy activities your partner can’t do.

It is important to be encouraged to stay connected with your friends.

You may need to work through the change in direction your partner’s pain results in.

Your dreams, hopes and aspirations for your family’s future are likely impacted.

Loss of intimacy is an important issue for both people in the relationship.

It is difficult watching your partner suffer.

For many, roles change and you experience financial burden.

Lack of spontaneity can be hard to adjust to, as well as social isolation.

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At E&A, we are a group of compassionate psychologists who genuinely want to help you create change. Our two convenient locations are central Maroochydore and the Caloundra health precinct. Our aim is to see you find your best life, great relationships and goals that excite you. 

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