Depression & Mood Disorders


Everybody experiences feeling down or miserable, frustrated and disappointed at times. For some, and perhaps yourself, you may be experiencing ongoing feelings of being stuck in your sadness or a sense that you cannot be happy.

The word ‘depression’ and the experience of depression has different meanings for everybody but there are a number of common symptoms or changes in your mood, behaviour and general wellbeing to look out for. There are different types of depression varying in intensity and the impact they have on your life. If you are experiencing ongoing low mood or a number of the symptoms listed below, our compassionate and experienced psychologists are ready to help you implement positive changes and live a fuller life. Call us today or contact us through our online booking form.


Common symptoms of depression

Feelings to look out for: Irritability, guilt, frustration, loss of confidence or self-esteem, unhappiness, indecisiveness, disappointment, sadness or feelings of being overwhelmed.

Thoughts to look out for: Negative thoughts about yourself such as “I’m a failure”, “It’s my fault”, “Nothing good ever happens to me”, “I’m worthless”, “Things would be easier if I wasn’t here”. As well as thoughts about life and those around you, “Life’s not worth living”, “People would be better off without me”, “I’m a burden”.

Behaviours to look out for: Withdrawing from family and friends, not finding enjoyment from regular activities, unable to concentrate, not socialising, not completing tasks or relying on sedatives, drugs or alcohol to cope.

Physical changes to look out for: Feeling tired constantly or unwell, experiencing headaches, muscle pains or upset stomach, sleep issues, changes in appetite or significant weight changes.

If you feel the symptoms described above may be relevant to you or a loved one, we are here to support you. Call us today to book an appointment or complete our online booking form to connect with an E&A psychologist highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Depression. We look forward to supporting you and helping you live a fuller life!


At E&A, we are a group of compassionate psychologists who genuinely want to help you create change. Our two convenient locations are central Maroochydore and the Caloundra health precinct. Our aim is to see you find your best life, great relationships and goals that excite you. 

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